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Clarke’s Custom Tile & Design has been in business 2 years in the St. Louis, MO area. We have a team of highly-skilled and competent tile contractors who have the necessary skills and expertise needed to assist with any type of tile work. There is no type of tile work that we are not prepared to handle for you. With our team of professional contractors attending to your service needs, you are assured of getting what you want and are paying us for. Our contractors have been in the business for as long as our business has been up and running. This certainly qualifies them to install your tile. We have attempted to find the most experienced tile contractors to ensure that the work they do lives up to the stands of us and customers. We have been very fortunate because their work exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Many in the St. Louis, MO area rely on us to install his or her tile because they are fully aware of the quality of service that they will receive. It is highly unlikely that they won’t be satisfied with the work that has been done for them, as every job is thoroughly checked and rechecked to ensure the highest quality of service has been afforded to our clients. High-quality services aren't something that should be a big deal but when it is not offered by most business and then you receive it, it becomes a big deal. This is not the exception at Clarke’s Custom Tile & Design it is the rule. Our clients receive the same high-quality of service that we would like to receive from a professional tile service. We are proud of the work that we do.


We know that most people would assume that the more expensive the services are the better they are. This certainly isn’t true in our case. We offer the most affordable tile work in St. Louis and high-quality services, which we know isn’t the norm. However, we show our customers that it is possible to receive both quality services and affordable prices when you rely on the right service professionals. When someone relies on us for his or her service needs they can be certain that they will receive the quality of service that they hope to receive, as we are the most reputable and reliable tile contractors in the city.

Our services are the most reputable and reliable in St. Louis. We work hard to distinguish ourselves from the other tile services and we do this by always offering the most efficient, high-quality tile work. When you don't want to throw away your hard-earned money then make sure you rely on us. We don't just offer the most affordable prices but we work with our clients to ensure that they can receive the help that they need regardless of his or her finances. Our goal is to satisfy every customer who relies on us.


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