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No doubt you are reading this because you are having some type of remodeling work done and will require tile in the room or rooms that you are having remodeled. Our tile contractors at Clarke’s Custom Tile & Design are some of the most talented teams of professionals that you'll ever come across.

They have received professional training and proven expertise needed to efficiently perform the job of installing your tile. Regardless of the type of tile that you would like to have installed, you are sure to find something that suits your taste. Our tile contractors give you your money’s worth. We understand that when someone relies on our contractors they want something that is going to last. Since we source our tile from top manufacturers you can be sure that the tile that we install will be made to last.


Type of Tile Installation

If you are looking for someone to install your porcelain, marble, and ceramic tile, rely on our experienced tile contractors. Our contractors install tile in residential or commercial buildings. Although the job of installing tile can be physically demanding, our tile contractors are always up for the job. They can make any type of tile that you want to be installed fit perfectly. This may not be possible for everyone, especially someone who doesn’t have the experience needed to perform the job. Our contractors install tile on patios, showers, floors, backsplash and other places. They can even show you where to install your til.

Affordable Tile Installation

It can be a pain trying to find tile contractors who will work with your budget but we make sure that our clients can receive the help they need, which is why we offer affordable pricing. Rather than attempting to handle the work yourself and ruining the tiles why not just allow us to help with your tile installation needs. At Clarke’s Custom Tile & Design, we offer the most affordable tile options. Working with many different tile manufacturers allows us to save on the tile that we purchase. When we save our clients save because we then pass along the savings to them. We do not just have affordable tile but our tile installation services are also affordable. You won’t have to go anywhere else t receive the help that you want and need when it’s time to have your new tile installed. We work with you! You might know it but affordable services can also be quality services. This is often hard to find but we assure you that you’ll find it when you rely on us to install your tile. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you find the right tile.

Hire Qualified Tile Contractors

When you need tile contractors in St. Louis, MO to help with the installation of your tile, regardless of the extent of the job, you’re sure to find what you want and need at Clarke’s Custom Tile & Design. We have a team of the most efficient and experienced tile contractors working with us. Installing tile is not as easy as some might think that it is. It is rather demanding, despite what most people think. There is lots of heavy lifting, kneeling, and bending. If you are not prepared to do this then you should leave the work in the hands of our qualified tile contractors. They have the necessary skills and qualifications that enable them to effectively assist with your service needs. Our qualified contractors are professionally trained and have also been vetted. They have proven that they have what is needed to effectively perform the work of installing your tile.

Quality Craftsmanship

Whenever you are having any type of work done you may be interested in knowing if it will last and if it was properly done. Rest assured that when you rely on us to handle your tile work that the job will always be done right. Not only will the work be done right but it will be done right the first time. You won’t have to continue to call us back to make repairs because we pay strict attention to the work that we are doing to ensure that the job is done right. Along with our efficient services is the quality of craftsmanship that we offer to everyone who relies on us for his or her service needs. Make sure you receive great value for your money by relying on our team of experienced tile contractors to install your tile.

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